To Read Or Not To Read, That Is The Question

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I’d like to believe that everyone reads something on a daily basis, whether it’s a book or a cereal box, reading is one of the things that keeps us mentally sharp and well informed. (Though reading just a cereal box daily will keep you about as sharp as a rubber ball.) With so many options like novels, magazines, poetry, non-fiction, short stories, newspapers, and numerous other written materials on the internet, including blogs, how do you choose what to read? Some people have a limited amount of time to devote to reading, so they flip through a magazine or newspaper choosing an article that captures their attention, they read a short story before bed, or leave a book of poetry next to their favorite chair to pick up during a ten minute break from the kids/cooking/working at home, etc.

There are others who are so passionate about reading that they’ll deprive themselves of sleep or read instead of eating. I love those internet enthusiasts who read everything they can think of a keyword for…business news, movie reviews, political updates, blogs of every type and the list goes on.  My joy lies in reading books and blogs. Blogs are especially suited for everyone’s time constraints and appeal to every possible preference. 

Way back in the mid 1990s *smirk*, early blogs were components of websites. As better tools for managing the content and the publication of websites and blogs evolved, blogging became more popular with a less technical audience. Most blog sites then debuted as personal diaries or journals.

By 2002, blogs were shaping the way people thought. They were gaining increasing recognition for breaking and spinning political stories. See Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo regarding US Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott comments which led to him stepping down from his post, and Rathergate in which Dan Rather’s investigation of George Bush’s military record was blown apart by the blogs Little Green Footballs and Power Line.

Today’s blogs cover an amazing array of genres from gardening to politics to celebrity news to marketing techniques; from music, art and fashion to writing, family and travel. Not only do they differ in their content but also in the way it is presented. Blogs may have videos, music, original artwork or photography to relate the author’s content. They may be published for personal use, which accounts for most blogs, or business use which is growing in numbers.

Blogging has blurred the lines of the various forms of media. Some bloggers have appeared on radio and television creating a broader reach for their work. Authors blog to promote their work and update their readers. Celebrities are accessible to and are creating a relationship with their fans through their blogs, which will promote their music, television programming or upcoming movie sales and viewership.

With a multitude of blogs available out there in the cyberworld, just choosing a few appealing ones can become a full-time job. That’s why, every week, I will post links to blogs in two categories: 5 of the Best Blogs for Writers and 5 of the Best Blogs for Everyone. This week’s blog picks: 

5 of the Best Blogs for Writers

1. Bubblecow – a literary consultancy who provide professional copy editing for writers with manuscript assessment, book proposal advice and writer mentoring

2. Kristen Lamb’s Blog – author of the best-selling book We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, Kristen writes on improving your writing and marketing skills addressing issues of time management, social media networking, creating better characters, blogging tips and so much more.

3. Nail Your Novel – Roz Morris: writer, bestselling ghostwriter, writing blogger. And author of a very bossy book called Nail Your Novel

4. The Creative Penn – author, blogger, speaker and business consultant based in Australia writing on marketing and promotion, publishing options and ebooks, and hosting author video interviews

5. Rachel Gardner, Literary Agent – agent who writes about what agents look for in a book, pitfalls to avoid in writing, how to write a query letter and many more helpful topics

5 of the Best Blogs for Everyone

1. – humorous articles, videos, pictures, etc

2. Garden’s Eye View – a garden journal by a garden designer who is listed on Best Garden

3. Huffington Post – internet newspaper, breaking news and opinions

4. The Movie Blog – trailers and opinions on movies

5. Sporting News – Real insight, real conversations, real fans

There is a plethora of great blogs to experience, so look for next week’s edition of Best Blogs appearing on Wednesdays.

The information junkies may be indiscriminate when it comes to reading blogs. What about you? What kind of blogs do you search out? What makes you want to subscribe to a particular blog?

I love hearing from you…don’t let me get lonely!


3 thoughts on “To Read Or Not To Read, That Is The Question

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  2. Marcia you are so kind to list me here…I am truly honored that you consider my blog worthy…best wishes to you and to your readers…your blog is wonderful and I cannot wait to read that novel you are are a very gifted writer!!

    • You’re welcome Donna. I really enjoy reading your blog. I can garden vicariously through you. I hope my mention brings you a host of new visitors!

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