Making a Difference

Recently, Ollin Morales, author of the highly rated blog,, wrote a post entitled What Ever Happened to the Timely Artist? Here’s an excerpt:

It seemed like artists, until very recently, understood their responsibility to humanity more than just to their wallets. They knew that they were the observers, the recorders. Artists are the ones who point out the problem, so that the activists, policy makers, leaders, and everyday citizens can call everyone to action. Artists don’t set the mood, they translate it, so that we understand what we are going through as we are going through it. 

 I always enjoy reading Ollin’s posts, as they are insightful, informative, and he’s a talented writer. After reading, I offered some info that showed that we do still have ‘artists’ who are trying to ‘call everyone to action’. In the old days, artists had fewer venues in which to educate the world about our problems, i.e. television, radio, print media, film, and fine arts. Today we can add all of the digitally electronic means for conveying a message, i.e. eBooks, social media networks, ‘smart’ cell phones, etc. So, I agree that there is no excuse for the musicians, authors, painters, journalists and actors not to get involved on some level to send out the word to the world that there is a dilemma that needs attention.

Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first c...

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In my comment to Ollin’s post, I wrote about a particularly innovative and involved high school teacher in central New York. She is Wendy Cross and has led her fine arts students in a new project each year that makes a difference, not only in their own little world, but in the world at large. Her most recent work is with a group of eight of her students who have created a safe haven for other teens who have been affected by bullying. In the recent past, the media has reported on young women for whom being bullied was so unbearably humiliating and hurtful that their only escape was to end their lives. The goal of Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope, or, is to ease the often difficult teen years by listening, empathizing, relating their stories and referring their peers to additional helpful resources. The students are in the process of creating a video diary which will aid in erasing the feeling of struggling alone in coping with and putting an end to being bullied.

You can also find the group on Facebook at the link below. Please support them by pressing the “Like” button on their page.!/pages/Stop-The-Hate-Spread-The-Hope/127111830676849

There are many who are doing their part to make a difference in this world, but some who do nothing at all. What can you do to make a difference? Do you know someone who is making a splash or even a tidal wave to bring attention to an issue that needs to be resolved?

On a personal note: I’m so very proud to be Wendy’s aunt and one of her biggest fans!


2 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. Absolutely awesome link to the story on Ch. 9. I am so proud of your niece too. A teacher making a HUGE difference!

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