Our Passionate Lives

In the first half of our adult lives, we were constantly defined by our relations to others such as parents, children, spouses, and bosses. In the second half of our lives,… we can choose to design a new identity. We have the time and the option to find and follow an undiscovered path to our passions.

My research and observations tell me that mature women, those 50-something’s, some nicknamed “Cougars”, have truly taken possession of the second half of their adulthood, and I’m proud to be part of that group.

We’re bold and passionate, bursting with vitality and, yet, joyfully mellow.

But, did you notice that, at 50, we suddenly become invisible to some men? Men seemed to be looking the way of the younger, thinner, blonder type. At first, we’re daunted by the thought of no longer being able to attract attention. In time that fear fades, and we begin to see celebrated women such as, Raquel Welch, Helen Mirren, and Diane Keaton held as the epitome of “middle-age”. This is a signal to embrace the perks of being our age.

Now is the time to intensify our other attractions. We have what younger women have, and more! We have energy, enthusiasm, wit, passion, drive and wisdom. We have more control of our lives, a deeper confidence, a soul-soothing, inner harmony. We are amazingly imaginative when we need to develop a network of companionship, fun and purpose to sustain us.

If you look inward and find no sense of mastery, no belief in yourself, it can be created. You need to challenge yourself with a specific action, something new you’ve never done before. Recruit a support system, including those who love you. The experience of succeeding and the positive feedback from your supporters will be the final step in securing the belief that you can create a new identity, one that will liberate you.

With this reawakening of ourselves, we become fortified for whatever lies ahead. Life throws us curves, illnesses beset us or those around us, beauty fades, age takes our loved ones. Remember this quote…Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never turn his back on life. –Eleanor Roosevelt

Curiosity must never die. When one door closes, another opens. We have to have the courage to walk through the door without looking back.

We can now tap into the skills and talents that have lain dormant, unused. We can search for meaningfulness. We deserve lives full with quality — great emotional and physical health, relationships that enhance our being, a purpose that helps us grow.

Live your life with passion!


2 thoughts on “Our Passionate Lives

  1. fabulous post once again…I have noticed this way about me since I have become 50 and it has blossomed…it is when we have decided to live our lives for us and for what we were meant to do ….I hope all women find that passion…I blogged about passion a while back and it resonated with many women and men…I will be sharing your post…

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