My Persnickety Side

Though my children might disagree, I see myself as an easy-going, non-judgmental, giving, and kind person. I handle crisis and stress pretty well, sometimes getting upset at first, but immediately calming down and becoming the take-charge type of person, doing what needs to be done. (I can hear my kids laughing out in the cyber world. Kids never see their parents as they really are, right?)

However, I do have this persnickety aspect to my personality. Some people refer to it as having a pet peeve or two. The first of my peeves is seeing things all over the floor and folks just walking around and over them as if they aren’t there. It takes seconds to pick up, why would you want to walk around it? Besides being a tripping hazard, it just looks messy. In our mature years, my husband and I have become more organized and find we don’t feel comfortable among the scattered debris in some people’s homes. I know, that sounds as though we’re intolerant and too fussy…or just plain OLD. In reality, we can overlook almost anything when it comes to those we love…those we’re not that fond of won’t find us so indulgent.

People who write for a living or as a hobby, and even those who post comments the public will be privy to, should truly learn how to spell and use good grammar! This is the pet peeve that annoys me most. I have no problem with the occasional typographical error, but repeated commissions of the same mistake just makes me shake my head. Common examples of poor grammar are:     ” I seen him today”; “Where you at?”;  “I got no money”. I’m sure you all know the correct choice of words, but for clarification, they should be, “I saw him today”; “Where are you?”; “I have no money”.  I also see so many spell ‘loose’ as ‘lose’ and vice versa. Another common mistake is using ‘their’ incorrectly. ‘Their’ is to be used when saying, “Their house is beautiful”. The word ‘there’ shows the location of something or someone, as in “The ball rolled over there”. I realize to the average person, this is rudimentary, but it could be enlightening to some.

What is the problem? Do the writers of these faux pas forget to proofread what they’ve written, or do they just have trouble with spelling and grammar? Whatever the issue, the answer is simple…use a dictionary and/or thesaurus, use spell check on your computer, have someone else proofread before you hit that ‘publish’ button. I’ve observed these mistakes by business owners, teachers, writers and others of all walks of life, so I am offering some advice. 

Put your best foot forward and you will be seen in the light in which you wish to be seen.  People judge others everyday. It’s human nature. If you dress like a ‘gangsta’, you could be the most intelligent, upstanding person on the face of the earth, but that isn’t what people will see. They may see a poorly dressed person with a bad attitude who enjoys intimidating others.

It may not be fair, but as my Dad used to say, ‘There is no fair”. Thanks, Dad, for starting when I was very young teaching me challenging words and helping me learn critical thinking. I was a championship speller and a great essay writer all through school. Now I aspire to be a published author.

I know what some of the readers of this post are doing now…searching my blog for mistakes! Go ahead, you may find some. I have my pet peeves, but I don’t claim to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination! Let me know what you find…I’m always open to constructive criticism.


3 thoughts on “My Persnickety Side

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  2. I didn’t see a thing wrong above…I try my best when writing and my husband proofs everything for me…I am trying to let go of my pet peeves as I age…I’ll let you know how I do…maybe I will write a post about my peeves and link back to you so folks know it wasn’t my idea first…I’ll let you know…

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