I think I’ve got it!

In the book, How To write a Damn Good Novel, James N. Frey speaks to me. When he explains what Premise is all about, I get it! When he shows me how to make my characters sizzle, I get it!

This is a breakthrough for me. I’ll study all about one aspect of writing, for example, premise, and get all caught up in the whole idea, and then I’ll move on to another aspect, like conflict or character motivation, and get all confused again.

Just when I think it’s almost hopeless, I’m a terrible fiction writer, I’ll never get take this book all the way to the conclusion…I read passages by published authors who are adept at presenting material in a way I can understand it…and there it is! The light I’ve been looking for…the nudge I needed to keep going.

I absolutely love this process. The ups and downs are exhilarating! I’ve had a few times in my life when I didn’t follow through on a project, simply because it got too hard, at least in my perception. Writing has proven to me that I am quite capable of doing the work to reach my goal and the difficult days will pass. That’s a lesson that will carry over in other areas of my life. The other perk in writing a novel? Becoming part of a whole community of writers of all types where I never feel insignificant or too much of a newbie. It’s a sunny place to be.

So, now I’ve actually written the first 300 words of my novel and it’s…not terrible. It’s exciting to have it on paper after all the outlining, meditating on concepts, biographies of characters, etc. so, I think I’ve got it! I’m on my way and having a ball!


3 thoughts on “I think I’ve got it!

  1. Marcia I just read all your posts and am enjoying your perceptions on life and writing…I see why your daughter threw us together…I feel a kinddred spirit…keep posting and writing…

  2. I’m glad you found How to Write a Damn Good Novel helpful. I learned a lot from it. I am currently reading How to Write a Damn Good Novel II: Advanced Techniques for Dramatic Stortyetlling. There are so many books that teach you how to write I’m glad you found one that spoke to you.

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