Don’t Waste My Time!

Have you wanted to say that to anyone lately? you have every right to lay claim to the use of your time. It’s more precious now than ever. The second half of your adult life should be laden with the quality time you couldn’t afford when you were younger.

Don’t get bogged down with minutia. you can choose whether or not to:

**be kept on hold “forever’ when trying to reach the cable or utility company. Fax them your thoughts and questions instead.

**stand in line at a ticket counter. Delegate this job to someone who has nothing better to do.

**listen to your coworker go on and on about her pet gerbil. Politely tell her you have work to do.

**wait at the cash register while the clerk gabs with the cute guy in front of you. Say, “Excuse me, but could I see your manager, please?” She’ll get the hint.

**tolerate your loved ones interruptions while you’re focused on a task. You can ask politely that they give you some time to complete your business, so that you will be able to give them 100% of your attention.

Your time is something you’ve been waiting all your life to spend in your own way. No one should interfere with that, unless you choose to allow it. Life slips away too quickly to waste it. There’s so much we’ve wished to do, let’s do it!

*Take a class

*Learn to Salsa

*Expand your garden

*Learn to fly a plane

*Run a marathon

*Teach someone what you’ve learned

*Start a new business 

*Anything you’ve dreamed of

In our second half of adulthood, we are empowered and enthusiastic, joyful and curious, comfortable with ourselves and more in control of our environment. We have much to do in our future. don’t let anyone steal time from your dreams, and don’t give it away, either!


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